Upgrading Tank for Cichlids

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Upgrading Tank for Cichlids

Post by TrueGen »

Hey everyone,

I figured this section of the forum was the right area to post this, and I see everyone here really seems to know a lot about the fish they keep so I was hoping some people here keep cichlids as well and can give me some expert insight...

I'm upgrading my 75g bowfront to a 130g/500L tank, and I'm going to make this 130g tank for cichlids. That being said, I'm looking for a medium-sized, intelligent, and beautiful group of cichlids to put in there. I'm going to have a good amount of hiding spots, since I'll be homing 1 brazilian vampire pleco (6.5") and two african featherfin catfish (5" each) in there as well.

That being said, I was wondering if I could get some input from experienced cichlid owners about how many and what types of cichlids make the most stunning array of color and excitement to watch. I'm looking to really go all out on this tank, so I wanted to get some opinions on what kinds to pair.

I've read a lot of material on this, but it only seems like they tell you what subgroup each fish fits into in their own genus, and not which pairings work best. So please try to not say "oh, just go here and read this" because I can read and research things on my own. What I want are real-world experiences and opinions.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Upgrading Tank for Cichlids

Post by John »

I really enjoyed and still miss my group of Geophagus Red Head Tapajos , they are really beautifull coloured and very intresting in behaviour, especially the mouthbreeding of them is fascinating.

Just my 5 cents :)
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