Digital Thermometer

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Digital Thermometer

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Hi Guys
Just got back from a visit to IKEA, and while perusing the usual Kitchen bits and bobs and all the other ramdom crap you find up there, I came across something that I thought might be pretty useful. Its a digital meat/cooking thermometer and timer. Its a small digital unit only a couple of inches square with a metal probe. Stick it in the water and Hey presto, an accurate read out (to 1degree), it also comes with a timer/alarm, so if you are ddoing water chages and you want to measure how long it takes to heat you tank back up or just know then the temp is right this little thing will tell you. All this for only a fiver. Just thought its certainly cheaper than most and a few of you might be interested.
Cheers Marc
PS its called FANTAST
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thanks, I dont live near any IKEA but maybe my local kitchen shop may do something similar. I have tried the digital ones in lfs but it did not last long (think I splashed some water on it.) so I just use the old fashioned ones.
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Re: Digital Thermometer

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