anyone know any pet insurers of fish

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anyone know any pet insurers of fish

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was wondering if anyone knows if anyone insures fish as these are so rare and should the worse happen maybe there might be a way of compensation to maybe help the restock of our hobby.
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Looked into a while back, the only fish insurer I could find would not touch these fish, they need to have a value of around £200,000+ for anyone to look at it. and they gave me examples like a dolphin or something lol.

This is not to say that there are others out there, but if you look at my thread you will see other feedback on this.
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In sweden we are pretty much covered by almost anything that happens to our home and anything in it.
For example a friend of mine had a lot of discus, and i meen a lot of them.
Many beautiful and rare wildcaught specimens and they were of course worth a lot of cash.

He went on a little vacation and left his house in his brothers care.
All went on pretty nice until there was a huge thunderstorm with powerfaliure after it and you know what happens when pumps can´t work :cry:

Every one died and then after 2 days my friend came home and did a horrible discovery in the basement........he said the smell of rotten fishes in the summer was not good and i belive him :o :?

Then after a while he remembered that he had an extra deal with the home insurence that would give him money for the fish if something happened to them.
He had pics of almost every discus he owned and he send the pics to insurancecompany and they paid him.
Of course it did take a few months but nevertheless hi did get it.

I have som extra insurence here in my appartment as well and it cost around 1500 skr a year. (900$)
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Post by KnaveTO »

You should be able to insure your fish under your household policy as an additional rider. They will only usually cover accidential death such as death resulting from a major power outage, destruction of the tank etc. They will not cover death due to a fish jumping out of the tank, disease, natural causes, etc.

you will need to keep all your receipts and prove ownership of the fish. Furthermore you may even be required to keep the carcases should you loose your fish. Check with your agent and insurer.

Not all insurer's will cover such... however inquire around and you may be surprised. Just remember that it is most likely as part of your household policy. I have a rider on my for my fish as well as my dog.
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I have som extra insurence here in my appartment as well and it cost around 1500 skr a year. (900$)[/quote]

900$ is around 5400 skr ?
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