Hypancistrus Monte Dourado Pleco / L411

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Hypancistrus Monte Dourado Pleco / L411

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http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/sp ... ies_id=226

Dose anybody else keep any Hypancistrus Monte Dourado ?

They are easily confused with L260 when stressed, which is how i ended up with mine, but once settled you can see the difference.

The shop had three males a one female, maybe not the best mix, as i find them pretty aggressive with their own kind.
The males are all the same size apart from one that is more chubby and likes trying to take over the others caves, which leads to some dirty fighting, biting, or is it sucking, included.
I seperated them for a few months thinking one male with the female may make a difference, but nothing.
So i put them back together in my big tank, and until recently they had been knocking lumps out of each other again, but it seems to have settled down and the female is hanging around the caves now, where she just used to constantly hide before.
If a male dose end up protecting eggs, i'll need to remove the other two males, as war will break out in the tank.

Anybody else had experience with Monte Dourado ?

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Looks like Barbie is on the keepers list there, maybe she is able to help you out.

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