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Re: Legality

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dave wrote: While I do not like posting on this site, and said I wouldn't, when I see something that is so blatantly incorrect, and many people on this site know it is the case but have not posted, I have no choice.
This was the part of the post I took issue with, as it was an ongoing subject he started in another thread. Obviously your perception is just different than mine. There was history involved that you're welcome to read back through, if it would help your outlook of the issue. Either way, the topic being discussed here is the F1 Brazilian zebras, please ;).


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Please people. Remember this:
Whether a person has a history here or not, when objectively talking about an issue it shouldn't matter. When something does something wrong do you hold it against him/her for all eternity?

Try to be objective. Don't resort to thinking "its him against me" or any other personal angle.

Stay objective and you will get a lot less trouble. This goes for moderators and other users alike.
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Wow, not sure if I want to get tangle in this thread.
But I think it's a fact that zebra pleco are banned from export in Brazil. There have been news of fines and confiscation of zebra pleco from fish exporters.
However, I don't think keeping and raising zebra pleco is illegal. This is news to me. In fact, I am not even sure it's illegal to catch one as well.
Where did all these news come from?

What I think needs clarification on is what exactly is being banned. I know people say F1 is not WC or what have you. But a ban is a ban and it doesn't care if it's F1 for F666, it's the export of the fish that is banned.
Correct me if I am wrong on this.

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Post by John »

What purpose would the ban have if you still could catch zebs, breed them and export your offspring ?

BTW this news is coming from DATZ ,the whole subject is described here: LINK TO DATZ

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Hi again

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L46 has really become a pain in the bum, and no matter what anybody says or does it will remain so, it's popularity has increased since the ban and since this site was created, cause and effect, but I guess the price people can sell them for is a real motivation.

As for breaking Brazilian Law, there is a long History of it, and it goes on to this day.

Guess it started with the smuggling out of rubber seeds, so plantations could be planted in the far East.

Now it is the illegal destruction of the environment for Soya Beans, Sugar Cane ( for ethanol which can be used as fuel supplement ) and cattle which are the mainstay of the Burger industry.

Now lets take the things that are legal in other Countries but not in others, such as whaling (If only for scientific purposes) or the culling of seals.

Now lets take the things that are both illegal and legal in the same Country, the hunting of wild life by natives of that Country, but not by the immigrants.

Which laws are we to apply, this is down to the individual, especially when dealing with contradictions, as laws in different Countries differ so much.

As for personal attacks on people on this site, with one major exception many moons ago, people are only flattering themselves that I would take the time and trouble to do so.

As for the site, I think it has ensured the survival of L46 in captivity, whether this is to the detriment of other species I think possibly so.

Take care


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Post by Zebrapl3co »

Thanks John. That really helps to clarify things for me.

I half agreed with you, but things aren't as bleak as you are pointing them out to be. What about the good this site does for all the zebra pleco breeders out there? I think it out weights the unfortunate side effects. It would've been nice if everything was perfect. But that's not how this world works.
Besides, I really doubt that this site is the root of the problem you are talking about. While greed will always be there, it's not always the case.
If people are breeding zebra pleco for profits, I think they are doing it the hard way.
I can easily breed say the King tiger pleco and make just as much money if not more than a zebra pleco. Just do the numbers. You get around 10 - 18 eggs for a zebra, but 30 - 50 eggs from a King tiger.
How about a long lace albino BN? 40 -60 eggs per batch and that's almost monthly. The quickest turn around time for a zebra is 7 weeks.

What I have issues with are people who sold their zebra fry within 3 months old. They fully know that 1/2 of those aren't going survive the transition. And if the person is inexperience? They can lose the entire the batch. I think these are the real scums in this hobby.

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