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I do feel that anybody thinking there is money to be made will unfortunately be disappointed and ultimately these fish will then be resold back to hopefully people like ourselves. There is already evidence of this happening now.
Ovbviously without meaning to jump off the fence i so often sit on ------well said!!!!!!!
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Like many others I was completely awe-struck by the way they looked and then read about their plight and was utterly compelled to try and help. They were just starting to get expensive when I started buying them. I bought 2 juvies in Bristol, then drove down to Dorset to buy three adults, then found two more in Bristol which I didn't need but offered to buy and hold them if someone on the forum wanted them, which they did but I ended up keeping one of them but in exchange for one of my females (a good move because he turned out to be my now dominant and breeding male :D ), had a baby as a gift, then a friend up near Nottingham had a pair that one died so he wanted me to have the other (female) and that's how my colony built up.

I now have many babies, some almost two years old. I have had people make inquiries to buy them but I always make sure they know EXACTLY what sort of care they require and have so far managed to frighten everyone off! So no one could accuse ME of being in it for the money! :P I just love and enjoy my little darlings. They're such little characters. And I never get tired of seeing the new babies. Teeny replicas of the adults. I don't think I've ever seen a cuter baby fish! :happy:

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My partner and I love all Plecos and already had 11 assorted ones in one of our tanks. We'd both fallen in love with the Zebras but agreed to buy at least 3-4 in the hope of breeding them rather than buying just the one to add to our collection.
We've only had ours a short while but have no regrets about buying them, they really are beautiful! :luw:

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Got my first zeb 6 years ago I had discus at the time thought they were the dogz boll**ks untill I saw my first real live adult zeb. Bought him and from that moment on I was obsessed but with all my pets that is normal for me have been succesful in breeding and have mixed groups which I feel lucky to own. All the aquatic shops I visit regularly asked me to part with some babies on nearly every visit its like clockwork can see it coming it goes "hows the fish?" "Had anymore babies recently?" "If you ever etc.. :wink: " for them its money for me its pleasure. I have a fulltime job which makes me money I have pets to re-address the balance of the stress that the job causes ha ha.
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