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I have a couple of questions regarding the L200. When i bought my W/C group of Zaire Purple Frontosas the guy gave me a small L200 for free. Now i have had him for over 1.5 yrs and he seems to still be very small. Are they slow growers? And the articles i have read say he should get to about 8" Has anyone manage to breed these? And can anyone sex them?

Cheers for now
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We did a search on google when be brought ours, not too much information out there unfortunately.
We've had ours for about 6 months now and he doesn't really appear to have grown much in that time at all.
There doesn't appear to be any definite way of sexing them and apparently there are no reports of them being bred in captivity.
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They are verry, verry slow at growing. I have only seen 1cm in growth over 3 years. They were about 10cm when i got them.
As far as i am aware they havent been bred in captivity. Although the closely related blue form (i think it's L-128) has been.
I am convinced these are the same just different colour forms. So i dont see why they couldent be bred.
To sex them they say a shark fin (taller dorsal) is a male. But this is only guess work.
If you keep a group of these together i find you will always end up removing one bully or there will be casualties.
Once the one is removed none of the others seem to take it's place as a bully.
I have experienced this twice. But this could be just the pleco's i had.
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