The Organizational Approach Focused Phone Number Database

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The Organizational Approach Focused Phone Number Database

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The following key points: The need to take into Phone number database the details of the environment in which the organization operates. Understanding of the organization as the relationship of intra and interorganizational subsystems, the identification of key subsystems and the analysis of ways to manage their relationships with the environment. The need to balance subsystems and eliminate dysfunctions. The organizational approach formulated a series of recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency of personnel management . It is necessary to Phone number database among the workers qualities such as openness and reflexivity , which are very useful in the inevitable confrontations with an external,

Complex and unpredictable environment. A multivariate approach to analyzing a problem or situation should be Phone number database developed among employees, Phone number database conflicts and discussions should be started between supporters of different points of view, which often leads to rethinking the goals of the organization and reformulating the ways of achieving them . Goals and objectives should not be set from above, but presented in the process of work. Plans indicate constraints (what should be avoided) rather than what should be done. Employees must be selected , organizational structures and support processes created that contribute to the implementation of these principles. humanistic approach The recently developed humanistic paradigm starts from the concept of organization as a cultural phenomenon and focuses on the human side of the organization: To what extent are employees integrated into the organization's existing value system (to what extent do they Phone number database accept it as their own). How sensitive, flexible and ready they are for changes in living conditions and activities. People Management This approach plays a positive role in understanding organizational reality, because:


The notion of organization as a cultural allows us to understand how, through what symbols and meanings, the joint activities of people in the organizational environment are carried out . If the economic and organizational approaches emphasize the structural side of the organization, the humanist (organizational and cultural) shows how to shape the organizational reality and influence it through language, norms, traditions, etc. There is an understanding that effective organization development is a change not only in structures, technologies Phone number database skills, but also in the values ​​that underlie the joint activities of people.
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