Malaysian Trumpet Snails

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i have them in with my zebras and its not a problem and you can see the trails in which the MTS traveled through the night. removal is simple, get some veggie and place it on a dish and remove them in the morning.
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Wow I put like thirty snails into my tank and two months later every night I see about 200 come to the top of the sand.

most look like dead shells but the disappear in the morning so they must not be...

If I put them in a tank that I don't feed will I need to throw in food to keep the snails alive or will they eat microscopic algae and stuff?
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The comments on the benefits and management

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First, I would like to point out that a regular routine of water changes is a lot safer in maintaining a healthy water system than guess work.

Do the MTS have benefits, or is it worth it to have snails in a tank? Maybe (don't you love answers like that) I feel it is worth it to have something to get uneaten food from a tank. MTS and other snails are a good insurance policy for this. On some of my larger, dense planted tanks, they can also remove a small dead fish if the need arises. So can many varieties of fresh water shrimp too.

The management is tricky as they tend to over populate a tank. If you are adding plants you can assume your adding snails. Unless you are going to soak the plants in something to kill the possible eggs and EVEN THEN you may still have a few survive.

An easy remedy to curtail an invading population is to bait a container and then remove them. For example: Take an old film canister, bore a hole into the lid, put a few shrimp pellets inside and add some gravel for weight. Then place this at the bottom of the tank. It will collect a bunch of snails in about 40 minutes. I have used a zip lock bag, a brine shrimp net, a empty 12 ounce soda bottle, and an empty plastic sour cream container.
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