L333 and L134

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L333 and L134

Post by Goggy »

I came to this forum in search of advice for purchasing some new breeding groups.

My first question is regarding L134. I have been offered a group of 4 L134 2 males and 2 females all around the size of 3.2 inches for 250 bucks. I have also been offered another group of L134 2 males and 2 females all of the size 3.5 inches for 280 bucks. My question is whether or not 3.2 inches is of breeding size for peckoltia compta so I can choose to save 30$. According to my research (I don't have experience as I have only ever bred peckolita compta at the size of 3.7 inches) I am pretty sure that 3.5 inches is the minimum breeding size; so please correct me if I am wrong.

Next, I have a question regarding L333. I have been offered a "high white gradient" pair (male and female) where both plecos are 3.5-4 inches for 230$. Does anyone know of an L333 specimen like this? I have never heard of one but am admittedly very curious and would like to see pictures or descriptions so I can know whether or not I would like to pay this larger sum of money for L333.

Also, does anyone know about hybrids of L66 x L333? I have some 3.5 inch ones offered to me at 35$

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Re: L333 and L134

Post by TwoTankAmin »

Folks will react differently here and can give varying advice.

I would never buy a pleco hybrid knowingly unless it was a single fish and was never going to be bred. I am not in favor of hybrids at all.

Since you provided no location information I cannot comment on pricing. But, in the states those, are OK prices.

As for 333 have a look here to see how variable looking they can be. https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/sp ... es_id=1024
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Re: L333 and L134

Post by Hsiaotsu »

I read a technical article recently that DNA analysis shows L333 and L66 to be the same species. I keep both strains (in separate tanks) and certainly notice similarities and differences. Most notably, the L66 is much smaller than the L333 (at least mine are). They could well be the same species genetically, with recent adaptation to different environments. Scientifically, L66 X L333 crosses would not produce hybrids.

There are selections out of L333 with more white. Similarly, wild caught L134 shows huge variation. All my L134's are striped, but a recent shipment at my local importer shows a complete gradation from spotted to striped fish. In most cases, people are selecting for more white to get closer to L46's. It's a reasonable approach, but I can get L46's for less than what they're asking for these selections.
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