L333 and L134

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L333 and L134

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I came to this forum in search of advice for purchasing some new breeding groups.

My first question is regarding L134. I have been offered a group of 4 L134 2 males and 2 females all around the size of 3.2 inches for 250 bucks. I have also been offered another group of L134 2 males and 2 females all of the size 3.5 inches for 280 bucks. My question is whether or not 3.2 inches is of breeding size for peckoltia compta so I can choose to save 30$. According to my research (I don't have experience as I have only ever bred peckolita compta at the size of 3.7 inches) I am pretty sure that 3.5 inches is the minimum breeding size; so please correct me if I am wrong.

Next, I have a question regarding L333. I have been offered a "high white gradient" pair (male and female) where both plecos are 3.5-4 inches for 230$. Does anyone know of an L333 specimen like this? I have never heard of one but am admittedly very curious and would like to see pictures or descriptions so I can know whether or not I would like to pay this larger sum of money for L333.

Also, does anyone know about hybrids of L66 x L333? I have some 3.5 inch ones offered to me at 35$

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Re: L333 and L134

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Folks will react differently here and can give varying advice.

I would never buy a pleco hybrid knowingly unless it was a single fish and was never going to be bred. I am not in favor of hybrids at all.

Since you provided no location information I cannot comment on pricing. But, in the states those, are OK prices.

As for 333 have a look here to see how variable looking they can be. https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/sp ... es_id=1024
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