PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING (Posts Will Be Deleted Otherwise)

If you are a private seller, then why not give this a shot? It's free and might even have some of those zebra thingies! You can also post requests for exchanging or loaning fish. Please refrain from posting opinions or irrelevancies in this section. can not take ANY responsibility for items advertised or sold in this section as they are free classifieds. Members not following the Forum Rules however will have their Posts deleted.

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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING (Posts Will Be Deleted Otherwise)

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The purpose of this forum is to enable enthusiast to buy or sell zebras or aquatic related items.

Before Posting in this Forum, please note the following rules.

1. This Is For Private Sales Only. If you are commercial seller, please go here. Any Commercial sales posted without permission will be removed.

2. Please do not give opinions on the cost , or anything else concerning the zebras. We all have our views, but in the end, they will sell for what ever someone will pay. Opinions should be stated in the other forums.

3. Please do not post multiple messages to highlight how much you want to buy one of these fish.

4. Please do not ask for "Cheap Zebras. We are trying to influence the market price, but this will take time.

5. Please put your Location in your Profile. Posts not showing a location will be removed.

6. Please respect his part of the forum. It is meant as a resource only, not an informative section. If you wish to start a new discussion on any other topic, please choose the appropriate forum.

7. During the course of the Brazilian Ban we will not allow the advertisement of fish suspected of being illegally imported and recenty removed from the wild. We realise that this is difficult to determine but will do wherever possible.

Please be aware should anyone purchase any fish from ANY seller on these forums, it is at their own discretion, please use your inbox to talk business etc and to help keep the forums clean.

Also, please understand that ZebraPleco.Com and all admins can not be held responsible for any transactions you may participate in via users who sell fish on these forums, use your own judgement and if your not sure then simply do not go ahead with any transactions.

We can not advise who and who not to purchase fish from as anything could happen. What may be good for one person may not for another etc. We do encourage people to purchase fish that are at least 1" and 6 months old to minimize shipping trauma. The administrators have personally found that shipments of zebra pleco fry below that size tend to have higher mortality rates. Please keep this in mind when you're both buying and selling on the forum.


The Enforcing ZP team 8)
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