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New Moderator

Post by Rob »

Hi Guys

Just thought I'd post a quick announcement to introduce you all to a new Moderator on the site.

As you may be aware, my attendance can sometimes drop due to work commitments. You may also have noticed that one individual eats, sleeps and waterchanges on the forum. He has been a wealth of helpful information and has agreed to help me out with moderating the site.

SO...without any further adue.........THE ONE ....THE ONLY.........ADAM please take the stage!! :wink:
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du ma
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Post by du ma »

:D good stuff......

congrats Adam!!

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Post by jerms55555 »

Great Job Adam!!!! Good choice Rob!

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Post by Mindy »

Nice one! Congrats Adam... or should I say Sir? :lol:

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Post by McEve »

Congrats Adam! The right man for the right job :D

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Post by Tariq »

well done adam congratiolations.
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Post by Barbie »

Welcome to the team Adam :) Don't forget, when you get the keys to the ferrari for the week as a reward for doing this, the gas pedal sticks a bit! :lol:


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Post by Adam »

Thanks very much for all the kind comments and the vote of confidence guys :D Well what can I say other than it's an absolute honour and I will obviously take my MOD duties seriously without letting my new found status go to my head. Hopefully I will only have to very rarely don my MOD hat :D . I fully intend to remain as the guy you have all come to know as being totally obsessed with zebras, likes to ramble a bit and spends an incalculable amount of time on the forum indulging his number one passion :wink: .

Thanks everyone :D .


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