Problem with Safari

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Problem with Safari

Post by Andyt. »

Hi Rob & all,

I thought it was my imagination but it is not! At work on Windows XP I can see the menubar on the hompage, but when I get home and look at the site on my iMac (running OSX 10.4.6) using Safari 2.0.3 I cannot see the navigation toolbar on the frontpage! It is just not there. To get to forums I am waiting for the news to scroll and show the forums link.

Hope this is the appropriate place for this.
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Post by McEve »

check that Safari supports standard Javascript

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Post by Rob »

HI Andyt

McEve is right I think. Safari automatically identify that you have java enabled.

I'll try doigna google on it later tonight.

Sorry about this I will try and find a solution asap.

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